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Customer References

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Are you considering a Lightway Crystal Light Pipe?

Do you need us to deliver you plenty of sunlight into your room over a long period of time? The experiences of people who have already bought from Lightway can help you choose.

Having difficulties deciding which brand of light pipe to choose?

On behalf of the construction company VHS Vysočina, I can recommend Lightway light pipes. We were satisfied with the communication with Lightway and with the installation of the light pipes, which were installed in a waste water treatment plant in Kořenova. Everything was done smoothly and without delay. Lightway employees performed properly in all ways.

Fruhauf, Syner VHS

On behalf of SEBAPOL Construction, I can say that we are satisfied with Lightway light pipes. Personally, I liked the light pipes’ technical solution, which is far more thought through than the competition’s products. Lightway light pipes are more expensive than the competition, but I believe that they will function as they should thanks to their additional technical elements.

Jiří Šebesta, SEBAPOL

We had a Lightway light pipe installed for a private investor. He is very satisfied with the light pipe and was surprised by how brightly it shined. From our point of view, we can only recommend Lightway light pipes. No problems arose during the work and communication with the company was also absolutely flawless.

Jiří Ježek, Perfectstav

I had a light pipe from Lightway installed in my home office, where I was bothered by the lack of light. All of the work was fine. I am very satisfied with the brightness of the light pipe. Another great advantage I see in it is that I save energy. I can personally recommend Lightway and their light pipes.

Arnošt Hofman

I am very satisfied with Lightway light pipes. The light pipes have served their purpose and provide plenty of light. We needed to lighten up our kitchen, which could not have a standard window due to the placement of the counter and cupboards. But the light pipe illuminates it beautifully. We had another light pipe installed above the staircase. There were no problems with its installation. Visitors notice our light pipes and they like them very much.

Slavomír Bajer

Lightway recently installed a light pipe for me. I was surprised by how much light their light pipe is able to bring into the room. As end-users we are very satisfied with it. I most appreciated Lightway’s way of working; if ever any complication came about during installation, they were quickly able to overcome it and find a solution.

Ing. Peter Borik

I got to know Lightway through a colleague of mine. I was presently surprised after the light pipe’s installation at how the light is fully spread throughout the room without bothering the eye in any way. What’s more, we finally have enough light in our kitchen. I would be able to recommend Lightway to others who want to have a lot of sunlight in their rooms.

Ivana Kulhavá

I am very satisfied with the light pipe; it fulfilled my expectations. Even communicating with the company was a pleasant surprise for me as they were open and friendly in every way. I really like that I can see very well through the light pipe. I am happy that I can use it and also have enough day light.

Petr Tomeš

We have been receiving daylight by way of a light pipe from your company for more than a year. It is very pleasant and today we are not able to imagine that we once had a dim room. The installation was done very expertly and carefully. Thank you and the installation team for very well-done work.

Antonín and Miloslava Vosátka.

We have recently cooperated with Lightway. Theirs is a high-quality light pipe and the whole operation was carried out within the normal construction work. If I ever need another light pipe, I will again turn to Lightway; I have known them for a long time and their product is one of the best on the Czech market.

Michal Kováříček, construction foreman, GOLDBECK Bau s.r.o.

I am satisfied with Lightway. Everything which was agreed on was done, and it shines well. The technicians kept their deadline. People in the area are surprised by how brightly it shines and my wife is as well. I expect that the light pipe will be problem-free and that it will have the best characteristics from all angles.

Jaroslav Streit, Blansko

On the basis of an order, Lightway s.r.o. provided a light pipe of DN 52 cm to our construction in Brno, Vídeňská Street, where it was necessary to ensure lighting to one room due to the influence of shading from a wall of a new building. The order was severely complicated by the necessity of leading steel ceiling construction through the existent wooden weight-bearing ceiling construction which our company had to ensure. Lightway s.r.o. delivered the light pipe at the required time and with high quality. For supplying light, I can recommend this company as a reliable partner.

Ing. Pavel Čech, LUXIT4you s.r.o.

We are very satisfied with Lightway light pipes; the meet our expectations exactly. While there had been very little light in our living room (especially when there was cloud cover), now the room is beautifully lit. We chose Lightway mostly because their salesman persuaded us that the insulation - the Blue Performance component limits all potential problems with moisture and condensation of water vapor (as well as heat loss). In the end, the most important point was the quality of the product and its installation, even though the price was somewhat higher than the competition. We were even satisfied with the technicians – they were very courteous, patiently chose the light’s location with us, and cleaned everything after themselves... So the overall impression was good, simply well-invested money.

Jan Široký

We wanted a light pipe in our cottage to light our kitchen, where there was not enough light. This method of lighting really appealed to us and others, although I think it is quite expensive. Of course, in comparison with their competitors, they have a high-quality dome. We had found out about light pipes some time ago, and when I was later selecting a company on the internet, I chose Lightway even despite the higher price.

Josef Kulíšek

I chose Lightway because they had the most professional presentation on the internet. Things the others do not talk about are nicely explained in short videos. I was mainly interested in heat losses because I was most afraid of that. I have a light pipe in the hallway which is now beautifully lit and everyone likes it and I am satisfied.

Daniel Čížek

Lightway installed a light pipe for me some time ago. Although it had to be measured twice, everything went well and I am satisfied. I most like the crystal and the fact that it will last twenty years. Lightway solved the lighting problems in my kitchen, and the light pipe has illuminated it nicely.

Miroslav Sedláček

I would like to praise you for an excellent product. I have two sets and they bring joy and light into life.

Jana Ř.

A while ago I had to deal with how much light I was receiving. Even though those around me said I should buy something cheaper, I didn’t listen to them and chose Lightway because it is of the highest quality. My problem was thus solved. I am already aware of your product from trade fairs and television. I was also satisfied with the technician and the salesman. I can warmly recommend them!

Martin Fuis

I cooperated with Lightway some time ago. The realization of the entire project went by without a hitch both on the installation side as well as on the side of the salesman. The technician accomplished everything in our agreement and especially the required quality. I can absolutely recommend a Lightway light pipe in every aspect.

Miroslav Mančík

I recently had a Lightway light pipe installed. The light pipe surprised me a lot when I saw the garage shining after its installation. I really did not expect that. I immediately praised it to a friend and it had a great reception. It helped us a lot because our neighbor would not allow us to put a window into the wall, and so we would have had to have the lights on the whole day and that would have been expensive.

Jaroslav Pošepný

As the supervisor of a building site I am satisfied with Lightway. The technician guys were fine and they fulfilled our agreement. Everything went smoothly including the clean-up. I was most interested in the heat loss, so I am curious how it will stand up to winter. I had to deal with the problem of an atypical ceiling with the technicians from Lightway and it is now solved to our satisfaction. The company in which I work turned to Lightway based on a recommendation.

David Jakubec

We are satisfied with Lightway despite their high prices. Everything went as we expected, according to the contract. The price surprises the customer, but that is balanced with the quality. The majority of my colleagues have installed Lightway in their constructions. In this case Lightway solved a problem with lighting a dark hallway.

Ing. Petr Usvald

Not too long ago, Lightway installed a light pipe in the hallway of our house. We are very satisfied and we would like to have another installed by the end of the year and we will definitely return to Lightway. Everything was great. The man who came was perfect; he measured and explained everything. I only had to push the installation date. The work was perfect and the young men were fantastic in what they did. We had seen a light pipe at a friend of ours, but they had plastic and we wanted a crystal one. Everyone tells us that it is absolutely super. Lightway solved my problem of lighting my hallway.

Dagmar Jelínková

I am very pleased with the light pipe that Lightway provided a few months ago. It was nothing other than what I expected. Others like Lightway, too, satisfaction is there and I would recommend Lightway to others. The best thing about Lightway for me is the way they do business; they’ve got everything on the technical and sales sides figured out. Because of Lightway I have enough light in my life.

Ing. Josef Zeman

Not long ago light pipes were installed for me by Lightway. I am completely happy with Lightway because it serves its purpose. Everything we agreed on was professionally done. The speed of communication was great and it played an important role at decision-making time. Lightway brightened up my attic room.

Igor Hellberg

Lightway has provided us with light pipe installation into classic constructions as well as wooden in low-energy and passive houses. Earlier we used another companies’ products, but they did not perform as we expected of them (the presence of condensation, insufficient technical support...). Of all the products on the market today, Lightway’s products are the best choice for us. We most appreciate the heat insulation capabilities of the product, their condensation solution, their Blue Performance component, and excellent user value mainly from the aesthetic point of view. We have no reservations to the product as it fulfills all our essential parameters.

Marcel Dobiáš

Dear Lightway, the light pipes are pretty; the man who installed them was very understanding and willing, and I am sending my praise. The construction supervisor and others told me about other light pipes, that they sweat, and so the clear choice was for your product.

Best wishes, Š.R. Family House Lety

We wanted to create a working space in the garage preparation workshops. There is light from the outside, but not much. We decided on a light pipe so that it would be bright during the day. We dealt with an atypical installation from the terrace to the cellar using a LW Silver 6000. I am satisfied with how it nicely lights up our underground working space.

Adéla Urbancová, Family House, Brno Ivanovice

My husband is an academic painter. He had two roof windows in his studio, but he did not have enough light. We therefore decided to get a Lightway light pipe. It is a comfortable and elegant solution.

On the day the light pipe was installed, there were five different craftsmen in the house and I was constantly running between them. The technicians from Lightway were very kind and honorable and I was very satisfied with them. They performed flawless work.

They were actually the best craftsmen I have ever experienced.

Mrs. Dana Yussupová, Family House, Kralupy on Vltava

Good morning Mr Nahapetyan,
Yesterday on 20 September there was the installation of the Lightway tubular skylight in our house by your people from the centre in Kuřim, concretely by Mr Máša +1 under quite bad weather conditions (overcast, it looked like rain) but it didn´t rain and everything OK. This morning when the sky is clear and the sun is shining outside, it also shines in our dining room and this is thanks to your „magic“ Lightway Blue Performance tubular skylight. We will be able to appreciate it fully only  in winter due to its another above standard property – in the form  of the thermal insulation „BP“. But already today we have to share our big joy and pleasure with you when thanks to your Lightway our flat has been brightened so much that we have a feeling of a light being on over our dining table. And we repeatedly go to the switch of our chandelier to switch the non switched light off. Now all of a sudden we are not sorry for the investment of considerable financial means for this.

Thank you for your offer and the installation about which we first learnt from the magazines Our House and The House and garden. Any time you will go through Boskovice you are welcome in our place. We are looking forward to your visit when you can see „Your“ work.

Best regards,
Ing. R.M. Dosedla & Mgr. V. Pulcová

Dear Mr. Brandalík,
Just today, 28.12.2010, the installation of both light pipes was carried out. I would like to take the opportunity to praise both installers; though I prepared the terrain for them (mainly cutting holes and cleaning the roof as much as I could – it was bitterly cold, the snow is in abundance here), but with their help we managed to find the shortest route, mainly to the required part of the slanted roof. Although I did additional cutting and enlarged the holes for the special elbow, it is almost entirely in the wall, praise to the installers. We cooperated well together.

I wish you a lot of health and comfort in the new year.
Ing. Ladislav Chlum

I would first like to thank you for Monday’s quick management and preparation of the goods. I installed the light pipe yesterday and I am absolutely excited. The whole space is beautifully lit; the amount of light it brings is incredible. The Velux for the hallway will obviously have to go soon. In any case, I will warmly recommend your product everywhere.

Have a nice day.
Lukáš Rosa

Dear Mr. Brandalík,
Thaaank you!!! We finally have light!!! I can’t even believe it!!! I am extremely satisfied – I only want to verify the maintenance of the light pipe again.

How and how often should we inspect the dome on the roof??? Our neighbor heats his house with everything imaginable and unimaginable… We’re worried about the soot and ash… And also: Everyone asks us about “isolation” (whether heat will escape the apartment through the light pipe in winter ...) Thanks for this last piece of advice :-)))
Thank you

From sun-drenched Vysočina I wish you a nice day
Vlasta Dvořáková, Dolní Cerekev






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